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BLOC - Duffle Dry Bag 30 Lt - Dark Blue

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BLOC - Duffle Dry Bag 30 Lt - Dark Blue
Bloc’s 30 litre duffle bag is made from highly durable waterproof 0.5mm 500D PVC, strong enough to withstand the rigours of sport or travel. All the seams are welded to ensure waterproofness and rated to IPX6. With a roll top closure, this goes one step further than zipped duffle bags to keep all your stuff dry. We’ve also fitted 4 compression straps, grab handles at each end and internal padding to help protect whatever you put inside. IPX6 Waterproof Standard, Heavy splashing and rain - This test sends water at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a rate of 100 liters/min at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters. Colour: Dark Blue